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At Two Dogs and a Cat our goal is to create an all-inclusive experience to all of our guests. As such, we have created a structure that fun-packed to all dogs and cats! Enjoy your time away, while your dogs and cats have comfort, exercise and fun – nothing short of a BLAST!!!!

During their stay, your pets will be able to enjoy a day filled with activities. The best of all is that you get to choose which activities best fit your pets personality and lifestyle! The best part of all is that everything is included in a simple price pricing.

All of our suites are supersized! However, we still have different sizes to provided outstanding accommodations from the smallest to the gentle giants. We do not charged different rates to pets of different sizes – we seek to meet your pets specific needs based on the same rates.


Boarding Rates

Dog Boarding Rates (Per Night)

  • VIP Boarding: $91.00/night
  • Standard K9 Boarding: $71.00/night
  • VIP Boarding additional pet: $77.00/night
  • Standard Boarding K9 additional pet: $65.00/night

Cat Boarding Rates (Per Night)

  • Cat Boarding; $51.00/night
  • Cat Boarding Additional Pet: $40/night



  • Full day of day care, with needed breaks throughout
  • Different activities to choose from, matching your dog’s personality and lifestyle
  • Different snack selections
  • Soothing ambient music
  • Administration of medications


  • View into Kitty Wonderland
  • Administration of medications
  • Access to the Scratch and Stretch activity zone, and filled scratch posts.

Doggie Daycare

  • Daycare K9 Full day(more than 5 hours):   $37.00
  • Daycare K9 Half day(under 5 hours):   $31.00

**Sunday Pet Pickup Hours are 1pm to 4pm**

Doggie Daycare Packages*

  • 10-Full Days $329 ($32.90/day)
  • 10-Half Days $282 ($28.20/day)
  • 30-Full Days $914 ($30.47/day)
  • 30-Half Days $778 ($25.93/day)
  • 60-Full Days $1702 ($28.37/day)

*Packages do not expire.

**Sunday Pet Pickup Hours are 1pm to 4pm**

Kitty Daycare

  • Full Day: $23.00