Dog Boarding

Luxury Dog Boarding

Our Dog Boarding overnight facilities are generously sized and offer advanced features for your dog’s comfort. In our dog boarding area, we have dog “rooms” as opposed to kennels or cages.

Two Dogs and a Cat offers two boarding options for dogs, our standard suites and VIP suites.

Clean Air = Less Stress & Healthier Environment

Each section of the boarding facility has its own HVAC system.

Separate HVAC systems are very important in a pet boarding environment. HVAC systems reduce odor, thus reducing stress. HVAC systems also maintain a healthier environment through more frequent air exchanges, therefore reducing the risk of airborne respiratory infections.

Boarding Options

VIP Rooms

Our VIP rooms are private, with a glass door, and are designed to feel more like a “room” at home. The walls are at least 10 feet tall, for more privacy. Each VIP suite feature floor to ceiling walls, creating a completely separate suite. As a result, each suite offers your dog added privacy with less noise and visual distractions. We also have themed suites. We invite you to stop by and tour our dog boarding area and visit our themed VIP suites. Our VIP suites have elevated beds for extra comfort. If your pet has a special bed or blanket, you are more than welcome to bring it in!

  • Comfy elevated beds
  • TV with dog shows
  • Soothing ambient music
  • High walls for more privacy and safety
  • HVAC system

Standard Suites

Custom built, fiberglass panels, with glass door. Our standard suites are not a traditional kennel or cage. Each one of our standard suites were custom built with your furry friend in mind. Each of our rooms are divided based on dog personality profile. For instance, if your dog is more of the “quiet type,” we would put him in the boarding area “quiet zone”  with other like dogs. If your dog is more talkative, we place him in a room that is geared more towards the more active and vocal dogs.

  • Each room is assigned it’s own personal pet concierge
  • TV will be in the area
  • Soothing ambient music
  • Elevated bed

TDC Fun Fact

All boarding includes time in the dog daycare area. Our dog daycare area includes stimulating activities, and exercise for your dog to help prevent boredom and loneliness. Indoor daycare area and outdoor play yards. Play structures and plenty of room to run! Our indoor play area is approximately 15,000 square feet! So rain or shine, your best buddy will have lots of room to play!

Dog Zones

Zones Based On Complimentary Personality And Behaviors

Everyone knows that dog barking is contagious. You get one dog barking, you might get an entire community of barkers. Those dogs can be put in a bark zone, and for the doggies that prefer a quiet environment, we have a quiet zone.

Quarantine Room

We also have a quarantine room, so if we notice any issues, we can isolate the dog while we contact the dog’s parents and vet to make sure that dog gets the care it needs, while not exposing the other dogs in the area to potentially infectious diseases.

Dog Boarding Rates (Per Night)

VIP Boarding: $91.00/night
Standard K9 Boarding: $71.00/night
VIP Boarding additional pet: $77.00/night
Standard Boarding K9 additional pet: $65.00/night

***Daycare is included, so please check in by 1:00 p.m. on the day of arrival.***

Please Note: To guarantee the health and well-being of all our daycare and boarding visitors, we will conduct a short interview with you and your dog to ensure that our daycare program can fully accommodate your dog’s daycare needs. You can review this information on our Service Requirements page.

Boarding Check In and Pick Up: 7am to 5pm Monday through Saturday and Sunday 1pm to 4pm.

Saturday Drop off Boarding: Please drop off prior to 12:00 pm on Saturdays for boarding if you are also receiving vet services.

What’s Included?


  • Full day of day care, with needed breaks throughout
  • Different activities to choose from, matching your dog’s personality and lifestyle
  • Different snack selections
  • Soothing ambient music
  • Administration of medications

Boarding and Daycare Business Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 7am – 7pm
  • Saturday: 8am – 6pm
  • Sunday: 1pm – 4pm

Dog Boarding Form

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