Super Premium Pet Nutrition

Two Dogs and A Cat is passionate about providing proper head to tail, natural nutrition for your dog and cat.

Concentration On Super Premium Diets

Two Dogs and A Cat offers only super premium diets. “Super premium diet” means that the protein sources used in the foods are only of the highest quality.

From dog food to treats, we focused solely on US manufactured products that feature natural options.

Super Premium Diets help promote:

  • A healthier, shinier coat
  • Lean and strong muscles
  • Strong bones and healthy teeth
  • Optimal digestion with less stool volume
  • Clear and bright eyes
  • Happier healthier pet
  • Natural protection against allergic reactions and inflammation
  • Decrease shedding
  • Reduce or eliminate allergy symptoms, such as itching and scratching, hot spots

Our Premium Food options focus on a limited ingredient diets, grain free diets and gluten free diets. We focus on foods that meet the dogs specific needs, unlike foods found at major chains.

Diet Consultation

At Two Dogs and a Cat, we are committed to helping pet owners learn about the ingredients in their pets diet. Every person on our staff  has received a comprehensive course on nutrition, and can customize a nutritional meal plan for every dog or cat, based on their overall nutritional requirements – particular needs around shedding, weight loss, allergies, etc.

Nutritional Supplements

We will also carry a wide range of nutritional supplements. For instance, many pet parents will buy premium food, but pick-up treats at a chain store or grocery store. Select products that offer a full line of nutritional products. If you are giving your dog ABC brand of dog food, we will also be carrying their treat line. If you are sticking to the same line of product within the same brand family, you are  less likely you will run into health conditions. such as allergy problems, or digestive issues.

Hill’s Science Diet


Hill’s Science Diet provides biology-based nutrition to anticipate your pet’s ever-changing needs as they grow from a puppy or kitten into an adult dog or cat. Made for healthy pets of every age and size, we also have options for dogs and cats with special needs — including weight management, healthy digestion and much more. All Science Diet dry foods offer: Natural, great tasting ingredients — with high-quality protein as ingredient #1 Precise nutrition to support healthy skin, coat and stool Clinically proven antioxidants for a healthy immune system