VUUM Dog Drying System

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A new breeze is blowing in the pet market made possible by VUUM’s love for pets.

We will be the first in the country, first in the midwest, to have a different type of dryer called “Vuum.” It looks like a box, on the sides it has a series of air inlet nozzles, similar to what you have on an airplane.  Just like in an airplane, there is virtually no noise. With less noise, there is less stress. The only issue that has been reported, are doggies sleeping while in the dryer. There is an ionizer to improve hair quality, and remove static from the hair. There is also an aromatherapy cartridge with different essential oils inside of the dryer. So while your dog is drying, they can be treated with oils such as tea tree, lavender, etc. Vuum Pet Care rooms will be available in the retail store for those parents that wish to take this technology to their own homes.