Dog & Cat Luxury Boarding

Overnight Boarding For Your Dog and Cat.

Dog Boarding

Two Dogs and a Cat offers luxury boarding for your best friend. Our overnight facilities are spacious, sanitary, and comfortable. Our expert pet handlers / caretakers treat your pet as if he / she were their own. We have two types of lodging for you to choose from.

All boarding includes time in the dog daycare area. Our dog daycare area includes stimulating activities, and exercise for your dog to help prevent boredom and loneliness. Our dog daycare includes both an indoor daycare area and outdoor play yards. Our play areas offer multiple exercise structures, and plenty of room to run! Our indoor play area is approximately 1500 square feet! So rain or shine, your best buddy will have lots of room to play!

Cat Boarding

Designed specifically for our feline friends boarding needs, Two Dogs and a Cat luxury boarding condos offer multiple top-line features, specifically geared towards your cats comfort and health.

Please Note: To guarantee the health and well being of all our daycare and boarding visitors, we will conduct a short interview with you and your dog to ensure that our day care program can fully accommodate your dog’s day care needs. You can review this information on our Boarding & Daycare Requirements page.