Dog Nail Trims

For most dogs, nail trimming can be a frightening experience. Whether your little buddy knows it or not, he will be much better off if his nails are regularly trimmed, and not allowed to become unruly and overgrown.

A great way to get your dog prepared for regular pedicures is to start handling your puppy’s paws when they are young. This helps them get used to this sort of “touch,” and not feel uncomfortable when his paws are handled.

Why get your dogs nails trimmed regularly?

  • When a dog’s nail starts to become overgrown, it begins to curl. As the nails grows longer, it can puncture the footpad, causing pain and possible infection.
  • Overgrown dog nails can also cause your dog to adjust his gait, and start walking more on his footpads. This can cause joint and ligament pain, and general discomfort.
  • And finally, for all of our pet parents, trimmed and tidy nails mean less carpet snagging, hardwood scratching, and skin scratching!